Lol, They Still Don't Believe In Me

Written by: Marsha Wal & Adam Polan

J4yDiZz1e was born "Javion Isaiah Lawrence" on September 24th, 2001 in Springfield, Illinois. 

As a child, J4yDiZz1e grew up under his Mother's care in Carrollton, Texas and soon the family found out the young 

boy was very talented. At only 10 years old, J4yDiZz1e was gifted a guitar for Christmas from his Grandparents who had told him

"We want you to do something with this and find out what you're really good at"

This had started the journey of music.  Later on, DiZz1e had moved to Little Elm, Texas where he had stopped his guitar tutoring

and practice altogether. However, this did not stop him from making music. In 2014, he had made short singles under the name "Mouse" 

and would upload some to YouTube for fun. Rapping, singing, and making instrumentals was interesting to him. In 2015, "Mouse" had 

turned into "J4yDiZz1e", a nickname his Mother would use for him and soon a brand name. DiZz1e continued his short songs and 

on June 19th, J4yDiZz1e uploaded his first single to SoundCloud entitled "That One Time", the start of something big.

As the year 2015 closed up, 2016 opened and J4yDiZz1e kept his music up; making tracks like "Hoe" and "Conversation Starter" 

which had both had gotten the attention from some of the kids at his school. In the beginning, J4yDiZz1e even said it himself on a live stream -

"I was just starting out with a horrid mic and headphone set up and using my knowledge of Sony Vegas to edit audio.

But as time kept moving, I really glowed up on these niggas" - J4yDiZz1e Oct. 2017

This year was also the year that J4yDiZz1e had teamed up with his current producer and best friend, "Nemy Rose", a crucial add-on to 

his music as a whole.

On August 3rd, 2016, J4yDiZz1e released his first ever mixtape titled "The Proj3ct" 

(Fun Fact: Since J4yDiZz1e's name has a 4 as an A, he used a 3 as an E to be unique)

The Mixtape was short lived as J4yDiZz1e released his second EP "And That's Why I'm Icy" which featured his friends and artists

RaiThaGe, xDine'ro, NizzMey, and Production from Nemy Rose soon after on September 24th, 2017 (his birthday). With this, J4yDiZz1e was setting 

up quite the music catalog, but was in need of more.

Building the fan base was extremely hard. In fact, there wasn't a fan base for J4yDiZz1e until the end of 2016, where people on Twitter and

Instagram started gaining an interest in the young artist. On January 18th, 2017, DiZz1e released his first ever full length album, 

"Mid Days" with was at the time, an amazing improvement with different sounds and music to be played for everyone. 

With this, he had finally started growing a name for himself. 

Summer 2017 was looking great for J4yDiZz1e and partner Nemy Rose. The two had released their collaboration mixtape "NiZz1e Rose" on 

June 1st, 2017, as a celebration for the fandom they were building. However, things were about to escalate soon after. 

On September 2nd, 2017, J4yDiZz1e had dropped his most infamous song to date, "Victorious Days!", a song dedicated to the Nickelodeon hit TV Show, "Victorious" starring Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Leon Thomas  and more, with an incredible production value from Nemy Rose himself. 

This along with the Music Video shot by Joe T4ylor Photographer "BlowClip" had set the two in the hot seat.

Getting recognition from cast members of the show and a huge increase in supporters and fans. These two truly grew their

names out with the track. On September 15th, 2017, J4yDiZz1e had released his 2nd mixtape ever, "Gameboy", known for tracks

such as, "Gameboy Papi", "Glaciers", and "Shine". 

This was a sign to J4yDiZz1e that made him work harder. More singles were released, fan interaction was strong, and at

this point in time, small record labels and recording groups were watching J4yDiZz1e and Nemy Rose. This was the prime season for the 

two. And it did nothing but go upward from there. On December 2nd, 2017, J4yDiZz1e had previewed his most iconic and popping song yet.

"Ferrari Death Trap" was released on December 3rd, 2017, Produced by none other than Nemy Rose himself, and with this one, 

brought in a giant amount of attention. The song had been noticed all over the globe, and it only got better. A fan had made a synced

video of J4yDiZz1e's number 1 crush, actress and model, "Zendaya Coleman" dancing to his song in the car.

The video had went rampant on Twitter as fans were sending the video to Zendaya herself and giving credit to J4yDiZz1e. As a 

result, many more opportunities aligned and DiZz1e had increased his fans 10 fold. In the start of 2018, J4yDiZz1e would get 

notified that FDT (Ferrari Death Trap) was getting played at local bars and nightclubs around the Los Angeles area. 

All and all,  J4yDiZz1e, a boy with dreams still deep to this day, had accomplished many of them already with little to no help. 

Today, Mr. Lawrence runs his own Label and Creative Collective Group, "Joe T4ylor Records" with a line of clothing and merchandise attached.

Soon, J4yDiZz1e will be launching his very own clothing line entitled "DiZz1e" by J4yDiZz1e in late 2019 to 2020. 

The young boy no one had believed in is actually making a name for himself growing bigger and bigger everyday.

And at the age of 17, he plans to move out on a mission in search of a blow up for him.

(All J4yDiZz1e info has been looked through by people close to J4yDiZz1e and J4yDiZz1e himself. This is all correct)